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Revolutionary Belt Styles to Amp up your Fashion Game

Belts are no longer just for holding your pants up. They have transcended beyond their practical purposes to being vital fashion pieces that can give your outfit an oomph or pull your entire aesthetic together. With the right belt style, you can accentuate your frame, add layers to your ensemble, spice up a dull outfit, and even make a strong fashion statement. Below, we explore revolutionary belt styles that can significantly amp up your fashion game.

The Statement Belt

As its name suggests, a statement belt is meant to stand out, to make a bold declaration. They often have large, eye-catching buckles or are made with vibrant colours, unique materials, or edgy designs. However, they should be paired wisely to avoid fashion disasters. Because these belts are already striking on their own, it’s best to pair them with simple, neutral coloured outfits for balance.

The Corset Belt

Corset belts are a stunning blend of old and new fashion trends. This retro belt is wide and designed to cinch at the waist, thus creating an hourglass figure. It can be paired with loose tops or dresses to add definition to your silhouette. Today’s corset belts offer a variety of fastening styles, from classic hook-and-eye closures to stylish lace-up designs.

The Hip Belt

This style, unlike the traditional waist belt, is designed to be worn lower on your abdomen. They help shape your hips while adding an edgier vibe to your outfit. If you’re feeling adventurous, try rocking a chunky hip belt over a floaty, ethereal maxi dress or a slim fit pair of jeans.

The Chain Belt

Chain belts are versatile and can take any outfit up a notch. They are usually metallic and add an element of shine to your ensemble. They look great when paired with jeans or a simple black dress. Regardless of the outfit, a chain belt is the chic finishing touch you didn’t know you were missing.

The Obi Belt

Originating from Japan, an Obi belt is wide and wraps around your waist, closing with a significant knot. This belt can transform any outfit into a stylish, sophisticated ensemble. Pair it with a loose blouse or dress for an instantly more structured look.


Whether you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement or simply add a touch of flair to an outfit, belts are a must-have accessory. The important thing is to choose a belt that fits your individual style and the particular outfit. Changing your belt style can be a great way to revamp your wardrobe and express yourself in new, fashionable ways. So, don’t wait any longer. Jump right in and amp up your fashion game with these revolutionary belt styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of belt is best for a professional setting?

In a professional setting, opt for a classic leather belt in neutral colours like black, brown, or navy. Thin, sleek belts with a simple buckle are usually the best choice.

2. Can I wear a statement belt with a printed dress?

Though it depends on the patterns and colours, as a general rule, it might be best to avoid this combination. Statement belts are already eye-catching on their own and pairing them with a printed dress can create a busy, cluttered look.

3. How do I choose the right belt size?

When choosing a belt, it’s important to remember that the size corresponds to the length from the buckle to the middle hole. Therefore, a belt should typically be 2 inches larger than your waist or hip size.

4. What is the most versatile belt style?

A black, skinny, leather belt is often viewed as the most versatile. Due to its simple and elegant style, it can be paired with both casual and formal outfits.

5. How should I style a corset belt?

A corset belt can be styled with loose tops or dresses to add definition to your look. You can even wear it over a blazer or coat to cinch at the waist and provide a more tailored look.


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