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Pros and Cons of Using Electric Shavers

The evolution of grooming appliances over the decades has made personal care more convenient and efficient. One such invention is the electric shaver. It has seen major transformation and improvements since its inception, offering multiple modern features. However, like every other product, electric shavers have their positives and negatives; hence, it becomes crucial to understand these aspects before investing in one.

Pros of Using Electric Shavers

1. Quick and Convenient

The primary advantage of electric shavers is their speed and convenience. Unlike manual razors that often require water and shaving foam, electric shavers can smoothly do the job dry. Their slim, compact designs make them easy to use – easing the shaving process and saving valuable morning time.

2. Safer Option

Manual razors are notorious for causing nicks, bumps, and cuts. The design of electric shavers drastically reduces the risk of getting cut. A thin foil separates the blades from the skin, ensuring a safer shaving experience.

3. Versatility

An electric shaver offers a lot of versatility. It allows you to trim, shave, and craft your beard into various styles due to different attachments available. This multipurpose function is a major attraction for many men who love to experiment with their looks.

4. Durability

Though a bit expensive upfront, the long-term cost of owning an electric shaver can be relatively low as they are durable and typically require blade replacement only after 18 months.

Cons of Using Electric Shavers

1. Initial Cost

The upfront cost of an electric shaver can be significantly higher than typical razors. This factor can deter some people who are budget-conscious or don’t shave frequently.

2. Not as Close a Shave

A manual razor can provide a closer shave as compared to an electric shaver. For those who prefer an ultra-smooth finish, this can be a downside.

3. Noise

Electric shavers can be quite noisy, which can be bothersome, particularly early in the morning.

4. Battery Life

Electric shavers run on battery power which can be unreliable. In case the battery dies during a shave, you might have to wait for it to recharge.


Electric shavers bring a ton of convenience and safety. They are versatile devices designed to meet varied grooming needs and are perfect for those who value their time. However, they can be heavy on the pocket initially and won’t give as close a shave as manual razors. The choice between a manual razor and an electric shaver ultimately boils down to your personal preference, lifestyle, and budget. It is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it okay to use an electric shaver daily?
Yes, it’s okay to use an electric shaver daily. It has been designed for regular use and is safe on the skin.

2. How long does an electric shaver last?
With proper care, most electric shavers can last for several years. However, you may need to replace the blades every 12-18 months for optimum performance.

3. Do electric shavers cause ingrown hairs?
No, in fact, they are designed to reduce ingrown hair, but the quality of shave and your hair type can influence this.

4. Are electric shavers suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes, electric shavers are quite suitable for people with sensitive skin as they cause less irritation compared to manual razors.

5. Can I use my electric shaver in the shower?
Most modern electric shavers are waterproof and can be used in the shower, but it’s always best to check the product specifications.


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